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The EXIS-IOP Adolescent Track is designed to meet the needs of our adolescent clients for safe recovery, continued growth, and balance, while they remain in school, reside at home and are actively involved with their community. Our goal is to teach them that getting sober and staying sober is the only way to achieve a fulfilling life and becoming the successful individuals they were meant to be, academically and in life. This program is designed for adolescents and young adults ages 14-18.

We offer a thorough clinical assessment, a multitude of individual and group evidence-based therapy sessions (psychotherapy, somatic therapy, drama therapy, sports activities), aimed at dealing with addiction and mental health issues, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, ADD, etc. We work on identifying current strengths, determine personal and school/career goals, and set them on the path to achieve them through our continuing care, personal and strength-based counseling.

We promote family involvement and allocate family sessions to explore and address issues with communication patterns or family dynamics. Frequently, parents are confused, worried and even embarrassed, when they realize that their child may suffer from addiction issues. Our goal is through addiction education and family therapy to provide parents and their adolescent/young adult children a unique, in-depth understanding of the causes, impact and possible treatments for addiction, as well as potential outcomes.


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