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    1. I’m so grateful to have found them. Now I’m healthier than ever, and I have peace of mind.

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    1. At EXIS, I learned to use my inner strength and self-awareness to live a meaningful life.

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    1. Exis is an amazing program that integrated therapy and a supportive community to help me

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    1. The staff is compassionate, professional, and highly trained.

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About Exis

EXIS Recovery provides outstanding substance abuse treatment and mental health care for men, women, and adolescents. Located in West Los Angeles, California, EXIS Recovery utilizes an evidence-based, multidisciplinary model designed by co-founders Elena Bagourdi and Polly Preventza. The highly trained team of experts at EXIS Recovery tailors this innovative model to meet the unique needs of each individual patient. 

Drawing on evidence-based practices, EXIS Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center that specializes on treating not only addiction and substance abuse issues, but also trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, (such as depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, PTSD and panic disorder),  as well as ADHD, personality and psychotic disorders. 

Treatment options for mental health conditions include CBT, DBT, and trauma-focused therapy, among others. Cutting-edge techniques like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), bio and neurofeedback, and other services allow patients to process and integrate painful experiences and regain control over their lives, work, and relationships.

The co-founders envisioned a system that helps patients reclaim a sense of personal strength and purpose. This requires a foundation of physical wellness and emotional balance. Alternative approaches like yoga, meditation, and massage therapy support this by enhancing the connection between the mind and the body. Through this holistic approach, patients gain knowledge and discover their power as they apply that knowledge throughout their daily lives.

For outstanding substance abuse and mental health treatment, don’t hesitate to schedule a confidential consultation at EXIS Recovery. Call the clinic today to request an appointment.

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Meet The Founders


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Elena Bagourdi, MA, PhD, CCTPI-I


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Polly Preventza, PhD


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Insurance Information

We understand that insurance for addiction treatment and related services can be complex. Our experienced staff is skilled in working with all types of insurance providers to access the maximum benefits available. Currently, we are out of network with all insurance carriers, but accept all major insurance companies.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Golden Rule
Magellan Health

These Conditions Respond Best to CBT

These Conditions Respond Best to CBT

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Understanding Psychotic Disorders

Understanding Psychotic Disorders

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