About Polly Preventza, PhD


Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Polly Preventza moved to Los Angeles to pursue an academic career in Engineering. Upon graduating with highest honors from Caltech, Pasadena with a PhD and a Masters in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Finance, Polly moved to New York to venture into the world of Finance. In her 14 year career as an investment banker Polly worked at major banks such as Morgan Stanley, Banc of America and Lehman Brothers. She advised clients in all sectors of the healthcare industry with a specialty in healthcare services, health insurance, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  Moving back to Los Angeles, Polly followed her entrepreneurial spirit and started owning and operating her own businesses. Polly established a strong personal relationship with Elena Bagourdi and was impressed by Elena’s passion and in depth knowledge of the addiction and mental health treatment world. In 2016 Exis Recovery was born with a vision to help families and individuals battle substance abuse, trauma and other mental health issues. 

Polly’s motivation and commitment comes from her deep desire to make a difference in the lives of all those remarkable individuals who are fighting to overcome difficulties. Polly is the co-founder of Exis Recovery and currently serves as the CEO of the Company.


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