About Elena Bagourdi, PhD


Dr. Elena Bagourdi is a Clinical Psychologist. She is the co-founder of EXIS Recovery, and serves as the Program & Clinical Director. Dr Elena holds a broad range of experience as a Clinical Director and leads therapist in various prestigious treatment centers in the US and in Europe for over 20 years. This diverse experience rewards her with a deep understanding of the human psyche and a profound respect for the difficulties that people face when dealing with trauma, addiction, and mental health issues. Dr. Elena believes that meaningful change comes from within, hence she creates programs encompassing therapeutic approaches which foster deep growth and healing, as is evident in the EXIS program.

Dr. Elena holds a PhD in Clinical/Health Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Organizational and Economic Psychology, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She has a keen interest in her community and is on the board of local non-profit organizations. She also maintains a successful private practice as a psychotherapist, and has helped numerous clients overcome their addictive behaviors.

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