Family/Systems Therapy


Our family sessions provide a safe space where our clients and their loved-ones attempt to understand each other's experiences and expectations, improve communication, employ mutually agreed upon boundaries and begin to repair their relationships.  Singularly looking at an individual without taking into account their current environment, as well as the one they grew up in, interferes with our ability to truly understand long-standing behavioral patterns that developed as part of early growth/attachment experiences. It also prohibits us from understanding the environment that our client will possibly return to, once his/her therapeutic journey at EXIS is complete.

As our clients work hard to forge a new path for themselves and develop a new identity, the choices that they make in friends and significant others are also explored in Systems therapy. The overall goal is to cultivate improved methods of communication with our loved ones, increased intimacy, and healthier ways of expression that help all parties move forward in a positive direction. 



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