About Robbie Harris


About Robbie Harris

Robbie Harris is the Client Care Director at EXIS Recovery. Robbie is sober himself and an experienced consumer of mental health services. He believes deeply in the power of treatment to help individuals through their trials and tribulations, and credits therapy with saving his own life. Robbie is a native Oregonian. He was a dedicated wildland firefighter during the summers from the age of 18 to 28, while working in construction during the cold Oregonian winters. Gradually Robbie worked his way into management of wildfires, commanding teams of fire fighters, as well as becoming a foreman and managing commercial construction workers through the years. After the 2017 fire season ended, Robbie experienced a traumatic seizure, which led to him not returning to fire fighting. Following that Robbie moved to California and became committed to working through his own issues with mental health and sobriety. After reaching a year of sobriety, he got a job working at a residential treatment center in the San Fernando. He found a sense of purpose in helping others to see the value in staying sober and working through their trauma. In 2021, Robbie began working for Exis Recovery as the Client Care Coordinator and immediately hit the ground running. Providing clients with kindness, encouragement and a positive direction, and connecting with them on a deeper level because of his experiences similar to their own, Robbie quickly became the Client Care Director. Every day, he strives to connect with the clients at EXIS and works hard to instill in them hope, inspiration and resilience, so that they to develop the faith that they need, so they can pursue their own healing journey.


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