About Nina Malagese


About Nina Malagese

Nina Malagese, a New York native, moved to California in May 2016 to attend treatment. At the time, Nina was addicted to opioids. Nina went through some very difficult moments during her addiction, and almost lost her life. At that time she realized that she needed to make changes. Since then Nina attended treatment, overcame her fear that she could not be helped, pushed herself during some of the hardest times in her life, to become a stronger and healthier version of the Nina she used to be prior to her addiction. She has since celebrated 3 and a half years of sobriety and has decided to support others going through a similar journey, so she can help them make changes in their lives too. She has worked at various aspects of treatment, as a sober living manager, as a billing assistant, and presently as the Director of Client Services. Nina frequently discusses with her colleagues at EXIS the importance of instilling hope in our clients, of helping them feel understood and heard as she did, and is trying to support all EXIS clients in their journey toward healing with compassion, kindness and patience. Her personal goal is to “pay the help she received forward”, by helping as many as she can rediscover who they are and who they can be, as they learn to manage their emotional and physical health, and learn to live in balance.

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