Group Therapy

Group Therapy

At EXIS, we utilize our group sessions as means for our clients to increase their awareness of self and other, work on reducing anxiety and shame in a supportive environment, connect and develop a community of like-minded individuals. Our goal is to help our clients develop a sense of belonging within a community of healthy, sober and prosperous individuals. Approximately, 55-65% of our clients’ weekly sessions are group sessions. Below is a list of some of the most commonly used therapeutic modalities:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT

CBT offers our clients an alternative method of coping with stressors and feelings of anxiety by providing solutions without needing to turn to a substance. In a safe and controlled environment, individuals are exposed to challenging stimuli... Read more

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - DBT

DBT treatment addresses the behavior of those who are prone to react in exaggerated patterns of thinking and identify how to battle the beliefs and assumptions responsible for making an individual’s life... Read more

Life Story Narrative

In this empowering method of therapy, clients are given the opportunity to share their personal stories based on personal life experience and examine how this has contributed to creating their systems of belief. Clients begin to view their problems within social, political, and cultural... Read more

Understanding Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders

Peer support groups are a critical component of treating dual diagnosis clients. In such groups, our clinically trained therapists provide integrative support for those who need structured treatment in both substance abuse and a co-occurring psychiatric disorder.

Clients with co-occurring... Read more


As a whole, our therapists here at EXIS Recovery facilitate all groups with an empowering approach, however, we provide additional theme-specific empowerment groups to instill our client’s belief in their own competence to problem-solve and in developing self-confidence with their own capacity... Read more

Process Groups: Intentional Living

Our process groups at EXIS consist of an intimate group of 6-8 individuals and are designed to give clients an opportunity to explore various topics with the purpose of discovering more about who they are.

Therapists provide a safe space for group participants to work on interpersonal... Read more

Psychoeducation & Book Study

An experienced group leader facilitates discussions based on material often taught using textbooks, video, audio or lecture demonstration. The group topics are chosen to provide information that which has an educational benefit to the participants.

The groups are designed to inform... Read more

Life Skills Groups: Interpersonal Effectiveness & Conflict Management

Skill development groups at EXIS emerge from a cognitive-behavioral theoretical approach and allows participants to practice coping skills with peers so as to feel the positive reinforcement when they put new information into use effectively.

Skills developed include learning to control... Read more

The Mindfulness Approach: Mind Body Spirit Connection

The practice of mindfulness in group therapy has proven to be just as effective as CBT, and therefore is used regularly at EXIS. Mindfulness groups offer various benefits including reduced social anxiety and helps individuals become more aware of their body and more effective at regulating their... Read more

Movement Therapy

At EXIS a trained Dance/Movement therapist works with our clients to explore the state of the mind through the process of movement. The use and movement of dance supports intellectual, emotional and motor functions of the body.

In working with addiction, those who are uncomfortable with... Read more

Drama Therapy

Group participants join an experienced psychotherapist specifically trained in psychodrama who can create a safe space to process and act out dramatic enactments of past events. During this process the scene will be created as the protagonist remembers it followed by re-enactments of the... Read more

Sound Therapy

Trained sound therapists use singing bowls and other mechanisms of sound healing to realign our client’s physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Sound healing is considered an effective and proven modality of care that can change one’s consciousness, reduce stress, and promote greater well-... Read more

Yoga, Stretching & Guided Meditation

A variety of groups are offered at EXIS allowing clients to reconnect with their body, including physical stretching, yoga, body scanning, walking meditation and guided visualization meditation.

Yoga groups focus on strength building, flexibility, balance, and overall conscious awareness... Read more

Art & Creative Expression

Creative Expression through art and music allows our clients to cope with a variety of mental, emotional and behavioral issues. Clients are guided through different methods of expression including drawing, vision boards, painting, pottery, beadwork, card making, and songwriting.

... Read more

Experiential Group Outings : Recreational therapy & Community Service

EXIS gives our clients the opportunity to attend interactive “out-of-office” therapy outings that occur every week. The activities vary, being tailored to interest and ability, some requiring greater physical effort, and others requiring greater mental effort.

The object of experiential... Read more