Why Outpatient Treatment

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Outpatient therapy is a very effective alternative to residential treatment for individuals who do not require 24/7 support.

It is also the supportive structure that helps clients transition from a residential treatment facility into society, 

through a daily healing routine. Typically, this transition is marked by frequent emotional or physical triggers, even relapses.

Outpatient treatment supports clients during these times, so that triggers and cravings do not manifest into an actual relapse.

Outpatient treatment creates an environment that is both healing and didactic, and helps clients build a new community of support

as they step away from the safety of an inpatient facility. Specifically, outpatient treatment allows the client.


                                                                              - To continue to receive counseling, and learn important life & professional skills


                                                                              - To re-integrate into society into a managed, protected way

                                                                              - To remain employed or at school, while also taking care of their treatment needs

                                                                              - To stay close to their support net and their families, if they live in the greater LA area

                                                                             - To pay significantly less out-of-pocket and still receive excellent recovery and mental health care