Family / Systems Therapy

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At EXIS, we realize that interpersonal relationships, partnerships and family dynamics are all a critical component of an individuals

recovery and well-being. Family systems therapy is a way to look at these influences and gain insight into each members role as it relates

to the healthy functionality of the whole. Since the way we perceive of ourselves in relation to the rest of the world influence how we 

behave and formulate our fundamental beliefs,we can use our social interactions as clues to help understand how attitudes have been

formed and more importantly how to change them.We strongly believe that family consists of anyone that the client has chosen as a part

of his or her innermost network of support.Providing a safe environment we give each and every participant the space to explore their

current system and any relationship of their choosing.  It is just as important to give both the client and their family the space to voice all

concerns, fear, and resentment so that they may work through their angerand despair together. While clients themselves continuously heal

and let go of their addictive behaviors, their environment ( friends, family and partners),have not always had the opportunity to heal from

their own resulting wounds. Pain, guilt, and a lack of trust are a few of the common feelingswe encounter in a system where addiction issues

have persistently eaten away at the foundations of the relationship. Our family sessions provide an honest forum where long-standing

communicationbarriers can be removed, and our clients and their loved-ones can truly understand each others experiences and expectations.

In pairing our client with a systems therapist for weekly visits we ensure that motivational, affective, cognitive and group behavioral patterns

are explored while taking time to truly understand the client's idea of family as an emotional unit.Sometimes an individual cannot truly

understand what precedes and causes certain behaviors when singularly looking at themselves in isolation.Since kinship and other social

relations assist in the formulation of identity, we work hard at integrating community and social support within the individual's program.

We are interested in all aspects of our clients interpersonal relationships because we want to improve those interactions and the identity that

is the cultivated result. By understanding how and why clients respond to those around them, they ultimately learn to transform their

patterns into more adaptive and productive behaviors. In the long run, not only does recovery at EXIS equate individual growth, but growth

as familial unit, with improved methods of communication,increased intimacy, and healthier ways of expression that help all parties 

move forward in a positive direction. 


*Family sessions are conducted on site, online or by phone.