The EXIS Vision

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At EXIS Recovery we believe meaningful change comes from within. 

By applying one’s self to claim a different way of being in the world the individual recovers

a sense of strength and purpose. Aristotle coined the term “hexis” (the “h” is silent) as an 

active 'state of having' or 'way of being' - a philosophy from which EXIS was born. 

The touchstone to our philosophy being that once we intentionally claim knowledge

and apply it in our daily lives, this knowledge becomes ingrained in our consciousness,

creating the change necessary for lasting recovery. 



The EXIS Vision can be symbolized by:


(1) The approach to healing as a determined process of reclaiming our health

and balance through deeply knowing ourselves, and 


(2) Embracing sobriety as a healthy, vibrant, and fullfilling lifestyle;

an act of integration opposed to only exluding substances and behaviors.