The EXIS Recovery Model

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The EXIS Recovery Model


At EXIS, our therapists are highly trained and commited to using the methods that are scientifically proven to work.

We provide assurance that every client receives the individual treatment they need as well as exclusive attention

with sessions involving no more than 6-7 clients per group. Our clinicians all hold a Masters level education and 

have extensive experience working with dual-diagnosis clients. It is of utmost importance to us that every individual

has a treatment program uniquely designed to match their distinctive needs and personal goals.

Our recovery model was designed to make the recovery process a fun and meaningful experience, to be 

a part of one's community, and to help prepare the life skills needed to integrate oneself back into the real world.


The EXIS Recovery Model is based on 4 core principles.



The development of self-awareness and confidence in gaining control over one's personal environment.

Through resources and skills used to promote equal importance in understanding ones strengths and

vulnerabilities, the client learns tenacity, acceptance, achievement, and the will to change. 


The wisdom of knowing when to 'act' and when to 'adjust'. 

The practice of adaptability and seeking knowledge for greater resilience against relapse.


Putting an active commitment in place towards honesty and finding solidarity of the self.

One develops tools to honor their journey with unclouded judgement, transparency, and clarity of choice.


The ability to see one another as unique beings but understand and empathize with the challenges we face

as equals. Showing genuine support and caring with acceptance and without judgment.