The EXIS Program

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The EXIS Program

At EXIS we combine and implement the most critical elements of an efficient treatment program:


·        Multiple Individual Sessions Weekly: 

Every week that a client attends treatment at EXIS, he or she is scheduled to receive multiple individual sessions. At EXIS we believe in optimizing the time spent in a therapeutic space where one can receive undivided, individualized attention. Multiple one-on-one sessions are offered to encourage the individual to discuss his or her difficulties and needs openly, as well as adequately address any challenges in his or her life. Every client at EXIS invariably receives a minimum of double the amount of individual sessions offered in most other treatment centers.  


·        Intentionally Small Groups:  

At EXIS our groups are designed to consist of no more than 8 participants. In employing such limits, we find that individuals are more willing to contribute in an intimate setting with personalized attention. Creating this dynamic of engaged participation incites a greater sense of healing through a more meaningful experience. It also allows for improved communication and a more supportive dynamic to develop among group members.


·        Evidence-Based Treatment Approaches: 

At EXIS, we pay attention to what works and provide treatment based on proven results. Evidence-based practices are of utmost importance because our clients deserve optimum treatment and the most effective care based on the best available evidence. 


·        Frequently Reviewed Treatment Plans: 

At EXIS, we are always striving for progress and productivity. Our clinicians make it a point to review the treatment progress that our clients make weekly. Then, as a collaborative effort with the client, take further action based on his or her growth and current challenges in order to adjust the treatment plan. Each client's Primary and Systems therapist pay particular attention to shifting focus as needed from session to session so that treatment outcomes are achievable.


·        Integrative Treatment Modalities: 

At EXIS, we combine traditional, highly regarded treatment modalities with more creative and innovative modalities, also known as Experiential Therapy. Some Experiential Therapies include Acupuncture, Somatic Awareness Therapy, Mindfulness practices such as Yoga and Meditation, among many others. EXIS aims to make therapy a positive experience, thus utilizing uplifting and meaningful experiences that help the individual reconnect with the joy in life. Our therapists reinforce that such joy, exhilaration, and connectedness is obtainable without needing a substance or other harmful dependency to create a lasting healing experience. As such we are also versed in offering recreational modalities of therapy such as surfing, hiking, kayaking, and rock-climbing.