The EXIS Philosophy

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EXIS Philosophy

In the western world we emphasize the importance of constantly “doing” in order to feel as though we are creating our future.

On the other hand, in some eastern traditions we are invited to engage in the art of 'being' - essentially to oberve and accept  

the world as it unfolds around us daily, so as to live a meaningful life.   

The EXIS Philosophy is a lifestyle approach that merges these western and eastern points of view.

It incorporates "doing" and "being" in a way that promotes a constant state of fluidity, and the ability to maintain mental

& emotional flexibility - to observe, wait, and learn. Thus, it proposes claiming our lives through developing a curious,

adaptive, and growth-oriented relationship with ourselves, as well as a curious, interactive relationship with the world.

In other words, we begin engaging in a perpetual state of dialogue between ourselves and our environment!

This includes knowing when to listen to ourselves and be attentive to our thoughts, feelings, and physical states.

Once that occurs we can recognize when we are ready to take action,

as well as how to recognize the times we are vulnerable and require more time and stillness. 

Honest self-awareness is key and is the necessary means to finding balance and peace!