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EXIS Difference


The EXIS Recovery Model is an evidence-based, well-rounded, holistic model, uniquely tailored to the individual needs of each participant.

It incorporates both Western and Eastern healing practices in the treatment of mental health & addiction. At EXIS we utilize traditional practices

(individual & group psychotherapy, family therapy, hypnotherapy, medication compliance & management etc.),

with traditional eastern practices (acupuncture, meditation, yoga, etc.) as well as more unique modalities, such as somatic experiencing, movement meditation, etc.

The program is based on helping our clients develop resilience, awareness, and balance in a long-lasting way - The EXIS Path to Healing.  



~ For a complete list of the various modalities that we offer, please see our Program Services section. ~




The EXIS Difference is evident in its approach:


We offer a holistic, integrative approach to healing, by incorporating mind-body-spirit approaches that honor the individual as a whole.

Our first priority is to avoid reducing individuals to their diagnoses and other stigmatizing labels. Each client has a unique story, 

that is embedded in the way they think, feel, act, and experience life through their fundamental system of beliefs.

Our mission is to help our clients understand themselves with deeper awareness, while helping them heal their body 

and explore their inherent need for meaning and purpose in life. By the time our clients complete the program,  

all aspects of their being reach and maintain a sense of balance and personal fulfillment.



At EXIS, we offer individualized attention and develop tailor-made programs to service the unique needs of our clients.

From therapy sessions to aftercare and real life-skills training, our outpatient treatment is client-centered and addresses not only their internal needs

for growth and resilience, but also realistic ways to define and achieve personal and professional goals. It all starts with a

thorough individualized assessment of our clients’ needs at the onset of the program, and continues with weekly follow-up sessions

and training on specific skills by our highly trained and compassionate clinicians.


Western & Eastern Practices:

At EXIS we are proud of the treatment program that we have put together:

our diverse treatment program combines a plethora of therapeutic modalities that include numerous individual and group sessions.

We offer traditional talk-therapy sessions (individual psychotherapy, family therapy, life skills training, emotional regulation, relapse prevention, narrative & drama therapy, etc),

and also many modalities that directly affect the body (acupuncture, movement therapy, yoga, somatic experiencing, bio- and neurofeedback, mindfulness meditation, etc).


Program Excellence:

Our program is highly regarded in the recovery and mental health community.

In order to uphold a standard of excellence we have developed a didactic curriculum which serves to train other professionals

in Recovery-Oriented Therapy based on the EXIS Recovery principles. In collaboration with graduate programs from universities, and with

local professional associations, EXIS trains recovery therapists and mental health professionals in Evidence-Based, Holistic, Recovery-Oriented therapy. 

To ensure that our program continually meets the needs of our clients, the entire treatment team, including all licensed clinicians and registered therapists,

come together on a weekly basis, to discuss client progress, share impressions, achievements and areas for continued growth, and revise client treatment plans

in collaboration with the clients. Together we work towards the next milestone in their recovery!