Just say No! Isn't that the general rule? We've heard time and time again. Well I've
thought long and hard about it and I'm here to suggest an addendum to the timeless
statement made famous by the late Nancy Reagan herself. It isn't enough just to say no to
drugs,... Read more

by Claudia Copeland, PhD


The term “dual diagnosis” refers to two diagnosed disorders: a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder. The very term, though, is a bit of a misnomer. Do patients with a fever and an influenza virus infection have two different illnesses?... Read more

by Elena Bagourdi, PhD 


If you or a loved one are struggling with a substance abuse problem, you might not know where to turn even if you know that you need help. Deciding to seek substance abuse counseling is an important first step on the path to recovery, but knowing exactly... Read more

by Dr. Elena Bagourdi

Have you ever suspected that a co-worker or employee in your company may be a functioning alcoholic or drug user? Perhaps you are concerned about a co-worker who’s showing an unusual decline in productivity or a pattern of erratic behavior as he or she progresses to... Read more

by Dr. Elena Bagourdi


It’s hard enough to stay sober when life is on an even keel. But in stressful or triggering moments, the difficulty goes to a whole different level. Staying sober in those moments can be a big challenge. With solid support, commitment and some good coping... Read more